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To get your business up and running, you only need to follow a few simple steps. You must first register and create an account with J-pencil. Then start selling by choosing from our inventory with more than 200000+ products and upload your products . You can choose your layouts , brand name and other fun activities. There is more than 1,00,000+ gold jewellery designs and the best part is the dynamic price changing feature in your website i.e whenever the board changes the price , the price will be updated in your site.


You do realize that digital marketing is currently at the top. The competition is catching up to you, using the latest up-to-date marketing tactics to generate even more leads and sales. J-pencil offers digital media marketing services to help you promote and brand your business.
  • Creating leads for your website
  • Increase sales of your products
  • Promotion of brand to a number of people


We unleash a holistic social media plan that will help brands not only mark their digital footprint but stride the social media to become a buzzword. We aid in
  • Branding & brand recal
  • Increase digital visibility through social media
  • Increase conversions rates
  • Reaching out to a niche audience
  • Improve brand loyalt


We don’t believe in “One size fits all” hence we devise one that is specific to a brand and unique to the audience. Our team of digital marketing experts elevate digital presence in a phased manner, always ensuring the SEO practices are in line with the latest optimisation algorithms. We back the brand by
  • Increasing organic traffic to the website
  • Help increase RO
  • Increasing lead funne
  • Decrease cost per acquisition
  • Setting up quality backlinks


A comprehensive PPC helps brands get users that are genuinely interested in their products and services, ensuring they turn progressive leads to a sale is our bit. We assist brands in
  • Instant measurable results
  • Set a budget that is in sync with marketing goals
  • Targeted organic traffic
  • Greater control over campaign, budgets
  • Select a specific target audience


All is digitalized in this fast-paced world, and the world is now the size of a pocket book that can fit in your pocket. It is fair for us to be on level with the rest of the world in terms of being compact and smart.Your website can also be viewed on mobile phones because we create mobile applications for you.
  • Larger audience to view your website
  • User friendly application and easy to use
  • Increase your sales and audience


It's difficult to know where to begin when confronted with a complex problem. J-pencil assists professionals with their consultation service in order to increase sales and streamline the process.
  • Consultation on business management
  • Consultation on generating and converting leads
  • Provide consultation on optimizing your business
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